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September 24th at the prestigious Directors Guild of America in Hollywood!
The world's first and only 100% vegan cooking competition tv show
Vkind Peeled at the Directors Guild of America

Peeled: The Premiere

  • 4PM September 24th at Directors Guild of America, LA
  • Open Bar: Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Chef-Created Vegan Hors d’oeuvres
  • Red Carpet Meet & Greet
  • Vegan Celebrities, Activists & Changemakers

Immerse yourself in a sensory experience: see, smell, taste, and feel the energy behind Peeled—America’s first 100% vegan cooking competition show. 


On September 24th, vKind Studios makes history!

Presenting a new kind of culinary challenge and America’s first and only 100% vegan cooking competition! 

In each episode of Peeled, contestants throw the flame to be named hottest vegan chef, or get Peeled into the compost. 

With reputable names in vegan culinary arts like Chef Babette and Chef Josie from Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen, Peeled is bringing serious vegan heat.

CHEF JOSIE FROM "HELLS KITCHEN" is a featured judge in PEELED!

September 24th, vKind Studios presents a new kind of culinary challenge and America’s first and only 100% vegan cooking competition! 

Judges & Hosts


Chef Josie Clemens, Chef Chris Tucker, Dr. Miles Woodruff, Elysabeth Alfano

Peeled brings together a diverse panel of judges including celebrity chefs, vegan aficionados and plant-based industry experts, who are more than qualified to evaluate an equally diverse cast of accomplished vegan chefs competing to wow them.


Chef Babette, Dr. Shabnam Islam

Hosts of Peeled are two charismatic, plant-based nutritional powerhouses, each with distinctive roles that bring balance and drama to the cohesive whole of each episode.

Chef Babette

Dr. Shabnam Islam

chef chris tucker

chef Josie Clemens

Dr. Miles Woodruff

Elysabeth Alfano


We love our vegan brand sponsors!

Peeled creations wouldn’t taste as delicious without our gracious and tasty 100% vegan sponsors!

Peeled is a production of VKind Studios

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